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Onderwerp: Chicken rolls!!

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    Spooning with a butt Bigsexy3's Avatar
    Feb 2014
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    Lekker hoor! Ziet er goed uit!
    Houdt 'm in de lucht!

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    I survived the zone
    BBQAart's Avatar
    Jan 2011
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    Feestje hoor!
    Hardware: Primo Oval XL, Weber OTP67, WSM47, WGA.
    Member of PureBBQ sponsored by Vuur en Rook, F-Dick and KLAUWE the bbq & smoking drum Meat by Home Made & Livar Fueled by MasterFire & House of Charcoal Temp. controled by QMaster Europe
    EK'12 *13e* | WK'13 *Survivor* | Kampioen Der Lage Landen 2014 | Reserve GC Nederlands Low & Slow BBQ 2014 | NL Grand Champion Pork 2014 | Survivor Jack Daniels 2015 | NL Grand Champion Chicken 2015 | WBQA NL Kampioen 2015

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