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23-09-09, 01:43
today I tried a dessert.

"baked apple on a cedarplank"

it is incredibly good !!!









the recipe is in my blog: http://doncaruso.wordpress.com/

23-09-09, 01:47
....still want to know what's in those apples. :wink:
Liquor!? :D

Edit:sorry,didn't see the link. :roll:

23-09-09, 02:07
Sieht gut aus

23-09-09, 02:39
It has rum in it so it must be good ;-)

23-09-09, 02:56
Es ist Rum, damit er gut sein muss ;-)

8) :wink:

yes, I take this rum: http://www.rossmann.de/DesktopModules/WebShop/Shopexd.aspx?productid=31191

is the best !

23-09-09, 08:16
Looks mighty good!

I going to try this for sure! (to-do list getting longer and longer)

23-09-09, 09:03
And I am hungry again, nice pics

23-09-09, 11:44
@Caruso: Yes another rum drinker :-D If you like the Zacapa you should try the El Dorado 15 years: http://www.drinkology.de/webshop-english/rum/el-dorado-rum-15-years.html

This is my all time favorite rum so far, fabulous sipping rum and great in a Mai Tai ;-) It has a nice smoky flavor, almost like a Scotch or Mezcal, which sets it apart from other rum.

23-09-09, 16:29
On occasion I get to go to Nicaragua and bring back:


Their high end stuff is U$25.- down there and this is a country where the median income is U$800/yr.

It is very good, truly a sipping rum, quality wise right up there with a good single malt.


Fardo NL
23-09-09, 18:07
Hmmm it soun ds like my Pear Recipe... I have a new idea fo a pear apple recipe and I will make it saturday .. I am just back from my greek holliday .. So I missed some blog posts.

The next pear recipe will have some Marsepain in it ;) not decided which beverage I am going to use though

23-09-09, 20:01
@Fardo: When using marzipan an almond liqueur like Amaretto might be a nice complimenting flavor.

Or a Poiré http://www.cidercider.nl/index.php?&vmcchk=1&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=26 to match the pear flavor.

Fardo NL
23-09-09, 20:28
I had the same thought :) thanks noskos

23-09-09, 20:35
Just thinking, a chocolate liqueur might be nice too, pears and chocolate are nice together :-)

So much booze, so little time :-D

24-09-09, 17:38
Looks very tastfull! I want those....

Fardo NL
26-09-09, 02:48
Just thinking, a chocolate liqueur might be nice too, pears and chocolate are nice together :-)

So much booze, so little time :-D hm I'll will probably make it on saturday .. I am considering the Napolean liquer

03-10-09, 22:48
Die appeltjes vind ik ook erg nice !

Waar haal ik van die mooie plankjes?

04-10-09, 07:40
Rob, de plankjes hadden ze bij de AH, als je mazzel hebt ligt het nu nog bij de afgeprijsde spullen of de op=op bak. Je kan ze ook bestellen op het internet

04-10-09, 07:49
Bij nutriconcept; even kijken naar grilling plank


of bij koken op hout; let op niet de oven planken maar de barbeque planken.


Op het forum staan hier nog meer items over moet je even zoeken Rob, veel Succes

04-10-09, 13:07
Edit: in bovenste link van Frits. Je kan in een flash-site niet naar een specifieke pagina linken.

04-10-09, 21:05
Met een beetje zoeken op de sites moet hij er wel komen denk ik ;)

04-10-09, 21:43
Just wondering if U got around to doing that Pear and Marzipan recipe? I just do not seem to be able to remember if and where I post stuff on these pages, but I do recall having mentioned or even detailed a recipe for pear filled with mariziapn, poached in Champagne wine with Vanilla and baked wrapped in puff pastry. Or U could do a nice Oak barrel Chardonnay reduction with one or two cloves to slow cook the halved pears mixed with dried cranberries and have those nice Jules Destrooper Almond wafers crushed for a crumble topping on each pear... :P

Thomas Plakké
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Misschien heet Thomas nog restanten van de AH plankjes...

04-10-09, 21:48
Alle tekst en uitleg over grillen op een plankie..:http://www.cedargrilling.com/art.htm

06-10-09, 09:10
Gisteravond bij een AH XL nog twee keer twee plankjes gevonden, hoefde er maar 2€ per setje voor te betalen :D Blijven zoeken in de op=op bak en gewoon even vragen wat ze moeten kosten.